Karen Philion
 CEO & President 
Virginia Symphony Orchestra

Susan's experience as a funder as well as a non-profit executive leader gives her a valuable perspective. She is generous with smart, strategic advice and cares deeply about the success of her clients.

Dr. Shula Mola
 Educator and Activist 

Susan’s ability to facilitate the personal and professional development of people from marginalized communities is a unique and rare phenomenon.  She operates from a place of mutual dignity and respect. She readily shares her expertise while giving place for everyone to bring their strengths and perspectives to the table.

Marikay Abuzaiter
Council Woman
City of Greensboro


I have always been in awe of how Susan is a 'beacon of light' in many, many distressing situations for our community.


Susan Feit

624 W. Princess Anne Road

Norfolk, VA 23517


Tel: (336) 327-4208

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