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Dr. Shula Mola/Educator and Activist

I met Susan at the beginning of my professional career. She taught me to think strategically about the complex intersections of poverty, ethnicity, and gender and helped me design policies and programs to dismantle systems that perpetuate inequitable outcomes.  

Susan’s ability to facilitate the personal and professional development of people from marginalized communities is a unique and rare phenomenon.  She operates from a place of mutual dignity and respect. She readily shares her expertise while giving place for everyone to bring their strengths and perspectives to the table.

Deshawn Adams/Human Capital Consultant/Deloitte 

My experiences under Susan's leadership as an ANYTOWN member, student ambassador, and development intern at NCCJ still shapes the work I do today as I advise my Fortune 100 clients on DEI within their workforce and workplace. 

Marikay Abuzaiter/Council Woman/City of Greensboro

I have always been in awe of how Susan is a 'beacon of light' in many, many distressing situations for our community. 

When I have walked into a room and Susan was there - I knew that there would always be solutions proposed for the issue at hand. 

Susan Weijel/Deputy Director/Yemin Orde Youth Village &Village Way Educational Initiatives (Impact Israel)

Susan Feit has been a tremendous asset to all of us at Yemin Orde Youth Village and educational center.  She joined at a very critical moment in our organization's history and helped lead us through a crucial strategic planning process.


Susan's analytical mind, creativity and dedication have proved crucial in helping to smooth the path towards the future through a somewhat turbulent transitional period during which the successor of the village was chosen.


These attributes, together with her excellent verbal and writing skills, her forcefulness and wisdom, have been invaluable. Susan is a gem, with that rare combination of astuteness and integrity that has been a gift to our organization.

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